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Avec LEYA, Vanessa Kaboré poursuit depuis 2016 un de ses objectifs spirituels, celui de contribuer à un monde meilleur en changeant les cœurs . Son livre de 2022 La réponse est dans le comportement vise à satisfaire les besoins de l’âme et à déjouer les pièges de l’égo. Il s’inscrit dans sa mission d’amener les personnes à des niveaux d’acceptation, de reconnaissance, de compréhension, de valorisation et de réalisation de soi plus élevés. Vanessa Kaboré possédant 10 ans d'expertise et de succès éprouvés en changement de mentalités et renforcement de capacités. 

Through LEYA, Vanessa Kabore follows since 2016 one of her spiritual goals, to contribute to a better world by changing people' hearts. Her 2022 French book La réponse est dans le comportement [The Answer Is in the Behavior] aims to meet needs of the soul and overcome ego traps. It is part of her mission to bring people to higher levels of acceptance, recognition, understanding, self-worth, and self-realization. Vanessa has 10 years of expertise and proven success in mindsets change and capacity building.




Established in 2016 by Vanessa Kabore, LEYA is a pioneering French-Canadian company specialized in mindsets change and capacity building.

Socially oriented, our activities bring both adults and young people to higher levels of acceptance, recognition, understanding, self-worth and self-realization.

Our commitment to healing and spirituality

Succès Vanessa Kaboré Coaching et Hypnose Institut Français Togo

"Congratulations Madam. You are powerful. I had come to leave. You are powerful! It felt good. It made me feel good." 

YK, Retired Executive, Mali

"Hello, Madam. I hope you are doing well. Just to tell you that I do not feel the fear anymore! I am over it now. Thank you for healing me. Good day to you."  

EG, Student, Togo 

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your vocal note that I find so rare and profoundly beautiful. You have a rare ability to be true and to express in a totally accurate way what you feel. It is quite impressive and it made me feel very good. It did me a lot of good and I am going to listen to it again because it has a beneficial effect on my heart... like little threads opening up, freeing up. Really good for me."

LI , Therapist, Switzerland

"I really liked it. I'm going to talk about what you do around me."

MA, Senior Health Executive, Togo 

"I just wanted to tell you that I have never had so little anxiety in two days. Thank you for everything! "

GV, Executive, Legal Affairs, Canada

"I want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to your help, I am who I have always been, who I am and who I have always wanted to be. I have taken responsibility for myself, I have come out of a long depression and emotional dependence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy and fruitful year to you. May the well-being, love and happiness that you share around you be your daily life throughout the year. Long life to you and LEYA." 

AAE, Student and Professional , Togo

Improve the quality of services and raise standards of conduct

Coaching Relaxation de gestion et d'équipe - Vanessa Kaboré LEYA - Coaching et hypnose

Gain contentment, reduce stress and anxiety

Think outside the box and reduce resistances to changes

Return to the path of life after grief and breakups

Develop your capacity to be neutral and improve your communication and relationships

Release from insecurities and increase your level of leadership

The French book The Answer Is in the Behavior: The 48 Keys to the Highest Well-Being (La réponse est dans le comportement : les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé) is an indispensable to read and listen! Yes, it will allow you to gain harmony, confidence, hope and more. It is available for purchase in paperback, audiobook and ebook on Apple Books, Audible, Rakuten kobo, Google Play, Amazon, FnacBarnes & Noble, eBay, Wheelers, Aldibris, Bokus, Bokklubben and more. 

 Livre Vanessa Kaboré La réponse est dans le comportement

Learn more on the availability of our book on Amazon, Audible and Rakuten Kobo


Tirages des messages clés bien-être Vanessa Kaboré & LEYA

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Paranormal phenomena are multiple and varied. They can occur when a deceased person remains attached to traumatic circumstances or events. In these cases, the deceased are looking for justice to the specificity of their history and the existing emotional charge. In other cases, the deceased is in a different type of energy and is affecting the physical or psychic integrity. Here, it is about attacks related to mental, emotional and spiritual vulnerability. @ LEYA, Vanessa Kabore.

Haunting and energetic cleaning Canada Vanessa Kabore LEYAn

Articles Vanessa Kaboré Maître en droit, en PNL et hypnose
Articles Vanessa Kaboré Maître en droit, en PNL et hypnose

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